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About the CEO & Founder

Being tired should never stand in the way of being accomplished .

Eddie Omar 1

Eddie Omar Ph.D

CEO & Founder

The Story Behind Wake the PH UI invented Wake The PH Up when drinking 8-10 energy drinks each day just wasn’t cutting it. I was pulling 18-20 hour days, 7 days a week. For anyone who truly knows me, being tired never stood in my way of trying to accomplish anything. My lack of focus was another hurdle I had to overcome trying to balance my Ph.D. research and course work, maintain my physique at the gym and somehow make time for a social life — if you could even call it that.

Creating my own solution:

I’ve always had the mentality that if something doesn’t exist, it’s up to me to create it followed by, how hard can it be? There was nothing legally attainable that was helping me. So, I started making my own energy, memory, and mood enhancing energy jelly shots — to get me through the day.


2 years of research went into developing the perfect formula that balanced taste, efficacy, and safety. After all, I was making them for myself. My friends were intrigued that I was taking jelly shots at 9 am but when I explained what they were, word spread quickly. I started giving them out around campus to friends and people who also had a difficult time staying awake and focusing. Next thing I knew, they took off all over campus and I started getting requests from people who wanted to purchase them. Before long, I was selling over 400 shots per week out of the trunk of my car.

Ideas come alive:

What I created for myself — to help me finish a Ph.D in two years while starting a company, maintaining a social life, and hitting the gym — was helping others wake the f*ck up, too.
If you’re struggling to wake the f*ck up and accomplish what you set out to complete, it’s time to Wake The PH Up.

About our CEO

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