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The only shot you won’t regret taking.

Wake the PH Up is an energy enhancing jelly shot for students and young professionals scientifically formulated to boost mood and focus. Being tired shouldn’t hold you back from being accomplished. We understand that energy and focus are a currency. Anything worth doing is worth giving your all to. We are here to help you work longer, work harder, with focus and clarity we found difficult to achieve with any other product. 

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Wake the PH up Vs. Them

Wake the PH up wasn’t created for profit. It was created by a doctoral student to help him work longer and harder with laser-like focus. PH was created for people just like you who expect more out of themselves while pushing themselves to the absolute limits to accomplish whatever it is they set out to do. A product that started out in paper cups has been sold by the nation’s largest sports nutrition distributor and now being sold internationally. The solution to being tired, unfocused, and unmotivated is to Wake the PH Up.

Key Ingredients

250 mg Caffeine (3 cups of premium coffee)
Vitamin B3

Key Ingredients

80 mg Caffeine
Vitamin B12

Scientifically Formulated

Scientifically formulated over the course of 2 years by Eddie Omar Ph.D to help complete 18-20 hour days, 7 days a week. Dr. Omar needed to balance his Ph.D research, course work, and maintain a strict gym routine. He needed a focus and energy-centric solution more powerful than slightly caffeinated sugar water. Since a product like this didn’t exist, he decided to take it upon himself to invent. Wake the PH Up is the only energy shot intended for college students and young professionals who know the importance of hard work, perseverance, and focus.

Old and Outdated Formulations

Energy drinks only needed to get you through 40 hour work weeks back in the day. Millennial’s are working harder and longer than their parents did with more distractions than ever and need something a bit stronger than some sugar water to get them through those days. This ain’t it chief.

Results Backed Guarantee

We know the importance of trying something before you buy it. We stand behind our product and if you are not satisfied with it for any reason, we offer a money back guarantee.

Just Like the Rest

Energy drinks aren’t bad per se, but they weren’t formulated for people like you. Energy drinks are the new social norm just like soda used to be. Form over function in short. What about the people who need form AND function? Wake the PH up.


Research & Development

More isn’t necessarily better. Wake the PH up was formulated using the fewest amount of ingredients and the highest concentration of those ingredients to produce the most effective results. 


If the name “Wake the PH up” didn’t give it away. This jelly shot will wake you up faster than your boss/teacher calling your name mid-nap. With 250 mg caffeine and glycerine; we wanted to formulate the fastest way for you to feel a burst of energy and clarity.


Another complication involved with working or studying hard is “being in the mood” to work or study. That’s why we researched and developed a number of different formulas before finalizing Wake the PH Up. While Wake the PH Up was being developed, it was given to college students to try before studying. The feedback commonly included feeling like their mood was improved which we attribute to the D.M.A.E carefully selected as a key ingredient for that very reason.


Lack of focus is the absolute worst feeling if you have energy and you’re in a good mood. Wake the PH up was formulated with key amino acids that work synergistically to help improve focus and delay the feeling of fatigue.


Do you find yourself forgetting simple things? Research suggests it might be due to your lack of focus on the information you were reading. By improving your energy and focus, your memory should closely follow.

Perfect Timing

When should you Wake the PH up?

5 AM

Tranquility to read, study, meditate, exercise, and beat the world. Not a morning person? Now you are. Wake the PH up.

12 PM

Lunch is for wimps according to Mr. Gekko; but everyone has to eat which means dealing with that after lunch “itis”. Wake the PH up.

3 PM

Nothing; and we mean nothing is worse than a 3 PM meeting that should have been an email. This is why you and everyone else can’t stay awake through them. Except you, this time is different. Wake the PH up.

6 PM

Being too tired after getting home from a long day of work or school is normal. Wake the PH up and get started on your side hustle, reading, studying, overtime. Whatever it is, you only live once and you can sleep when you’re retired, so get up and get at it.

9 PM

9 PM is the cutoff time between those who want it and those who REALLY want it. Which side are you on? Being tired or unfocused isn’t a good excuse anymore so Wake the PH up.

12 AM

Burning the midnight oil? Some people will tell you to close up and start fresh tomorrow. That’s why you are who you are. They don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s not for them to understand; it’s for you to give 110%…. 110% of the time. Let the results speak for themselves. Wake the PH up and prove them wrong. 

Perfect Timing
"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. Wake the PH Up."

If you had to choose between an energy drink and a flavor of Wake the PH Up, which flavor of Wake the PH up would you choose?

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About our CEO

About the CEO & Founder

Being tired should never stand in the way of being accomplished .

Eddie Omar 1

Eddie Omar Ph.D

CEO & Founder

The Story Behind Wake the PH Up:

I invented Wake The PH Up when drinking 8-10 energy drinks each day just wasn’t cutting it. I was pulling 18-20 hour days, 7 days a week. For anyone who truly knows me, being tired never stood in my way of trying to accomplish anything. My lack of focus was another hurdle I had to overcome trying to balance my Ph.D. research and course work, maintain my physique at the gym and somehow make time for a social life — if you could even call it that.

Creating my own solution:

I’ve always had the mentality that if something doesn’t exist, it’s up to me to create it followed by, how hard can it be? There was nothing legally attainable that was helping me. So, I started making my own energy, memory, and mood enhancing energy jelly shots — to get me through the day.


2 years of research went into developing the perfect formula that balanced taste, efficacy, and safety. After all, I was making them for myself. My friends were intrigued that I was taking jelly shots at 9 am but when I explained what they were, word spread quickly. I started giving them out around campus to friends and people who also had a difficult time staying awake and focusing. Next thing I knew, they took off all over campus and I started getting requests from people who wanted to purchase them. Before long, I was selling over 400 shots per week out of the trunk of my car.

Ideas come alive:

What I created for myself — to help me finish a Ph.D in two years while starting a company, maintaining a social life, and hitting the gym — was helping others wake the f*ck up, too.
If you’re struggling to wake the f*ck up and accomplish what you set out to complete, it’s time to Wake The PH Up.

About our CEO

Four Flavors:
One Choice: Wake the PH up

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